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    P O L I C I E S


We deliver our product in the following areas;

(If you are located outside of our free delivery zones, it might still be possible for us to deliver, by adding a low shipping cost, or by increasing the amount of ethanol you are purchasing.  Please contact us if that is the case, at

1 case : All cities and areas in a 80km radius around Lachine, Montréal

2 cases : All cities and areas in a 100km radius around Lachine, Montréal

3-4 cases : All cities and areas in a 200km radius around Lachine, Montréal

5 cases or more : All cities and areas in a 200km radius around Lachine, Montréal. 300km = +50$ delivery fee

We serve over 1000 customers throughout the province of Quebec and are proud to distribute an eco-friendly product which is, to our knowledge, the only one entirely produced and fabricated here including the bottle, bottle cap and box.  That is why we sell more ethanol online than anyone else!


1. We work very hard to make sure delivery areas are defined as clearly as possible.  If you have any questions  regarding our product or your delivery area, or if you are unsure if you are located outside of our delivery zones, please inquire at BEFORE placing your order.

2. Once your order is submitted, we will send you an e-mail in order to determine your preferred date of delivery.  Please note that all deliveries are made between 8h00 and 17h00 on the day that was scheduled.  It is preferable for you to be present to accept your package on the date of delivery howeverwe understand that it’s not always possible.  If that is the case, it is possible for us to leave the merchandise at a specified location that is convenient to you (a neighbor, or your backyard, for example).  We can also deliver to any other location specified by you (workplace, for instance), provided that location respects our delivery zone criteria. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the merchandise once it has been delivered in your absence.

3. If you are not present during delivery on the date we have scheduled with you, and if no other delivery instructions have been given, the merchandise will be shipped back to our warehouse, and a $60.00 delivery fee will be charged for your next order. It is possible to avoid paying this fee by doubling your last order and adding it to the one that was returned.  For example, if you order 3 cases and miss the delivery date, you can avoid paying the $60.00 delivery fee by ordering 6 cases for your next order.

4. To pick up your order directly from oiur facilities, please contact us first at 514-777-9998.  We offer free delivery for fireplace ethanol.  Certain conditions apply.  Visit our website often to inquire about our specials and promotions on ethanol for fireplaces and table fireplaces.

5.  An order may be cancelled by the customer under these conditions;

6. A. You placed an order, but your location is not included in our delivery area, and no other arrangement can be made

7. B. Us, representatives from, can accept or decline an order cancellation at our discretion.  If we do accept the cancellation, a restocking fee of 10% of the total invoice amount will be charged.  Therefore, if your order is cancelled, by purchasing from our website, you agree that you will be refunded 90% of the original amount that was paid.

8. In the event one of our products is defective, we will refund or replace the defective item/s, on a case-by-case basis.  By purchasing from, you acknowledge and accept our policies and terms of service, and agree not to file any chargeback or claim from PayPal or your financial institution.

9. offers a distribution service for fireplace ethanol.  The product we sell must be used only and specifically according to your fireplace’s manufacturer standards.  4 and its representatives cannot be held accountable or liablefor any usage which may incur, specifically, but not limited to, burns, lesions, or other injuries following the use of the product for which it is fabricated for, which is normal combustion in an ethanol-based fireplace.

10. is not a manufacturer, but a distributor.  We distribute ethanol manufactured by Recochem, a multinational chemical product producing company.’s product is delivered by a private, third-party delivery company.  Although we strive to be as punctual and as efficient as possible, we are not responsible for any late or delayed deliveries.

11. The purchase of one (1) case of fireplace ethanol, with free, is available only to new customers who purchase with for the first time.  For all subsequent deliveries, a minimum of two (2) cases of ethanol must be purchased in order to avoid having extra delivery fees added.

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